Toilet Facilities

Toilet Facilities

Toilet Facilities**

The toilet facilities are outside the cricket grounds playing area. These facilities incorporate a male toilet, a female toilet which doubles as a facility for wheelchair users. There is one wash hand basin which is on the outside wall.

To access the toilet facilities, you leave the playing area, turn to the right and a short walk in that direction, turn left. This is referred to as the point. The toilet structure is in front of you, just a short walk away and also from this point the adult can see the U18.( This is the written suggestion from CLeinster to manage this child safety issue).

U18 Access When a parent/guardian is present at the grounds, they take their own U18 to the toilet facilities. If not present, the club is responsible for the safety of the U18. Hence in accessing the toilet facilities, the U18 and the facilities must be both visible to a responsible adult**. The point fulfils this objective. For this to be so, the following applies:

  • A responsible adult is nominated by the club for each game/coaching session. An U18 should not have to go looking for some adult.
  • When access is needed by the U18, the adult leaves the ground and checks that the female or male toilet is vacant.
  • The U18 waits just outside the entrance gate to the grounds and when the adult makes his/her way back to the point, beckons to the U18.
  • The U18 then makes his/her way to the facility.
  • The adult remains at the point where the U18 turns left as both the U18 and toilet building is visible to the adult. The only time the adult will not see the U18 is when in the toilet.
  • The return journey follows the same procedure, ie the adult and child are not together but the adult at all times can see the U18.

** It is the norm, that in managing any U18 activity, that two adults are present so this option may need to be considered. Thus, the reference to one adult includes the option of two adults.