Child Protection and Reporting Procedures

Child Protection and Reporting Procedures

Everyone must be aware of the possibility that children with whom they are in contact may be suffering from abuse or neglect. This is an important responsibility for staff and volunteers involved in sports clubs, community activities, youth clubs, religious/faith sector and other organisations catering for children.

The guiding principles in regard to reporting child abuse or neglect may be summarised as follows:

The safety and well-being of the child must take priority&reports should be made without delay to the appropriate Agency.

The agencies (Tusla/HSCT) should always be informed when a person has reasonable grounds for concern that a child may have been, is beingor is at risk of being abused or neglected.

Child protection concerns should be supported by information that indicates the possibility or abuse or neglect. A concern about a potential risk to children posed by a specific person, even if the children are unidentifiable, should also be communicated to the statutory agency.

It is not the role of the person who conveys the complaint/concern or suspicion of abuse to determine guilt or innocence of the accused. The concern should be carefully recorded and ensure confidentiality is maintained at all times. see below under complaints.

If, after normal office hours, you have an immediate and serious concern about the safety of a child, contact the Gardai/PSNI.

Copy of Recording Concerns Form and copy of Accident Report Form attached. They can be downloaded from Cricket Ireland website

Complaints or suspicions of abuse regarding a child wherever or whenever arising must be reported to the club DLP without delay. Use the Recording Concerns Form which can be downloaded from CI Safeguarding Information. The DLP must then take immediate steps to safeguard the child & make report to the appropriate agency. This will often be done in conjunction with another person who is reporting the information to the DLP. It can also be done as a joint report with CI Safeguarding Officer who is CI’s mandated person.

ALL CLUB MEMBERS SHOULD FAMILIARISE THEMSELVES WITH ....Cricket Ireland Safeguarding Policies & Guidelines for Cricket Clubs, Section 5 "Dealing with Concerns". Online at Cricket Ireland