Parents/Guardians Conduct

Parents/Guardians Conduct

Cricket Ireland wishes to provide the best possible environment for children in our clubs.

There is an expectation on parents and their children to adhere to some guidelines to help achieve this.


Parents/Guardians should:

  • Respect the rules and procedures set down in the Child Safeguarding Policy of Cricket Ireland
  • Be a role model and maintain the highest standards of conduct when interacting with children, other parents/guardians, officials and organisers.
  • Give encouragement and applaud all positive accomplishments
  • Support all efforts to remove abusive behaviour and bullying behaviour in all its forms.
  • Encourage your child to play by the rules.
  • Teach your child that honest endeavour is important and do all you can to encourage good sportsmanship.
  • Always behave responsibly and do not seek to affect the game/player unfairly.
  • Respect the child's sports leader/s and support his/her efforts.
  • Always recognise the value and importance of the volunteers who are involved in your child’s Cricket. Respect umpires, coaches, organisers and other players.
  • Set a good example by applauding good play on both sides. Encourage mutual respect for teammates and opponents.
  • Be aware that the importance of punctuality is recognised by parents/guardians due to difficulties caused by the late arrival or collection of children.
  • Liaise with sports leaders in relation to my children’s medical conditions.
  • Be aware that the use of video equipment is at times a legitimate coaching tool as part of the coaching programme for certain age groups.(Generally over 11 years – please discuss this with your child’s coach if you have questions).