Transport Policy

Transport Policy of Players Under 18


Laois Cricket Club is committed to safeguarding and the welfare of children and young players and the club captains, vice captains and committee members share this commitment. The club is committed to developing and implementing policies and procedures to ensure that everyone knows and accepts their responsibility in relation to a duty of care for players under 18.

This policy been developed to provide all club members, parents/guardians and players under 18 with all the information that is needed regarding travel and transport to home games at Stradbally, away games and practice sessions when carrying out any club duties.

Laois Cricket Club policy is that it is the responsibility of parents, not the club, to transport their child to and from the club or nominated meeting point. If parents make arrangements between themselves this is a private arrangement and at the parents’ discretion, and nothing to do with the club.

If a parent/guardian arranges for a taxi service, this also is a private arrangement. It is advisable that for the homeward journey

  • 2 adult club members stay with the under18 at the club grounds until the taxi arrives
  • note the time the taxi arrives at
  • get the under 18 to phone home just before getting into taxi

If parents choose to allow their child to travel with Laois Cricket club members they must understand the following procedures:

  • Communication regarding transport will only be carried between manager/captain and parents in line with Laois CC communication policy.
  • No club member, captain, vice captain is, or should feel obliged to transport u18’s. It is solely their own choice, & as a club member to have Garda Vetting & Safeguarding Course 1 completed
  • No club captain, vice captain or club members of Laois Cricket Club is permitted to travel alone to any activity or event in which Laois Cricket Club is participating with players under 18 in their vehicle unless that person is the parent/guardian of the under 18 player(s).
  • Where a club captain, vice captain or club member of Laois Cricket Club is transporting players under 18 to a match they must be Garda vetted, have completed Safeguarding Course 1 and accompanied by another member of Laois Cricket Club or another adult. Such transport is only permitted with the permission of the parent/guardian of the player under 18.
  • Taking U18s on journeys in your car alone must be avoided, where possible. (CI Sports Leaders Code of Conduct). This is to ensure the safety of the U18 as well as to protect the adult.
  • Collection and return drop offs by club members of players under 18 will be by two adults.
  • One of the adults will be required to be Garda vetted & have Safeguarding Course 1 Certification.
  • No collections or return drop offs will be executed by one club member.
  • Collection and return drop off points will be agreed in advance with parents/guardians with any changes to be discussed, confirmed and agreed by parents/guardians. There must an adult to hand over youths at both collection and drop offs. The club member transporting must know in advance who that will be if it is someone other than the known parent/guardian.
  • Both adult club members will travel in the front driver and passenger seats, with players under 18 in the back seats. No adults are permitted to sit with players under 18 in the back seat of vehicle.
  • Safety belts will be required for all passengers.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to satisfy themselves that any club member transporting under 18 players has the following
    • Garda vetting & Safeguarding Course 1 Certifications
    • Driver License
    • Insurance Certification
    • Valid NCT
  • Parents will be asked on a Monday normally by the team manager or captain of an adult team, if their child is available to play the following weekend.
  • Team manager or captain must be informed by Tuesday evening if they can play in the match being requested.
  • By Wednesday evening the team manager or captain must be informed how their child is being transported to the game, whether home or away.
  • If the team manager or captain is not informed as above another player will have to be selected.
  • The Child Welfare Officer must ensure that contact details for the parent/guardian of each player under 18 are available at all times during travel to and from away matches in the event that it is necessary to contact the parent/guardian.