The following is the approved Code of Conduct adopted by Laois Cricket Club

•       The Club is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members.

Therefore, the Club endeavours to provide an environment free of any unlawful discrimination. Any player, official or member representing any visiting club or our own club, especially umpires, shall be treated with respect and dignity.

•       It is all club members responsibility to familiarises themselves with and adhered to all club policies and procedures, especially the club’s child safeguarding statement and risk management plan.

•       Players shall always, address their team-mates on the field of play with positive remarks, to promote team spirit. Senior players are reminded of their responsibility to encourage and motivate younger players and set an example of sportsmanlike conduct. Negative and derogatory comments have a negative effect on team spirit and should be avoided at all costs.

•       Club members are reminded that they represent the Club at all matches and are required to always behave in a polite and sportsmanlike manner, in line with the Spirit of Cricket. Any improper behaviour, including the use of alcohol, illicit drugs or smoking in undesignated areas will result in sanction from the committee.

•       The Club applies a strict dress code. Appropriate clothing and equipment must always be worn, notably white clothing must be always worn on the field of play if not playing in a T20 game that has sponsored clothing.

All equipment and clothing must be clean and in a good state of repair. There shall be no excuse for the wearing of inappropriate equipment or clothing.

To ensure the safety of all players, appropriate protective equipment should be always worn.

Juniors (under 18s): For their own safety, those who are under the age of 18 are required to wear all appropriate protective equipment when batting or wicket-keeping. This always applies during match-play and training and is not open to debate, as per Leinster Cricket Policies.

Seniors (18 and over): The Club insists that all adequate protective clothing and equipment is worn during net training and also strongly recommend that members over the age of 18  wear all appropriate protective clothing and equipment during matches. However, this decision ultimately remains with the individual, on match day.

By signing the Code of Conduct, I hereby agree not to hold Laois Cricket Club responsible for any physical injury I may sustain, should I choose not to wear appropriate protective equipment at any time.

•       Team spirit is an important part of the enjoyment of cricket, which is to be promoted by the committee and team Captain. As such, the Captain is responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the Spirit of Cricket, as well as within the Laws.

Members have a responsibility to oppose and report any discriminatory behaviour and promote the equality of everyone.

All members are expected to support the Captain, and/or Coach, in any reasonable request, they make with regard to setting up the field of play prior to training, or on match-day.

All players are expected to attend the teams allocated training sessions. All players need to practise, and the Club will endeavour to provide suitable facilities, equipment and coaching for all. The expectation is that all players will avail themselves to at least 4 hours a month of practice. This practice can be taken at anytime during practice sessions in the week as well as prior to their games on a weekend . As such, it will be left up to the team Captain/selection committee to decide whether he/she selects players who do not practise on a regular basis. Exceptions to this can be made in extenuating circumstances. If players act outside the rules, discriminatory action will occur.

•       On Match days, all players shall:

•       Arrive at the ground at least 1 hour ahead of the scheduled start time! This would be in place for both Home and away games. Captains should be informed prior to that 1 hour window, if players will be late.

•       Assist in any setting out the playing field, where necessary.

•       Help prepare the refreshment during games and take responsibility to help clean up afterwards.

•       Be properly dressed and ready for pre-match warm-up, organised by team Captain prior to the start of play.

•       Remain at the venue for the duration of play, until the game has finished, unless given express permission from the team Captain

•       Remain on the boundary to support their team-mates, unless given express permission from the team Captain

•       When playing away from home, any players availing of a lift from a team-mate is encouraged to offer the driver petrol money (€5.00 per passenger is recommended, unless under 18)

•       Any player who is seen to be disrespecting his/her team-mates by ignoring these common-sense requirements or refuses to perform any reasonable task delegated by the team Captain, Laois Cricket Club, and/or Coach, will be reported to the committee, and have an appropriate sanction imposed upon them.

•       All players may be asked by the Captain to umpire or score on behalf our teams and they should be willing and able to do so.


•       Initial breach of code will be handled by the Captains, with further breaches or continual/habitual breaches being submitted to the Laois Cricket Committee, to address.